Buffer is a Smarter way to Twitter, without Overwhelming Your Followers


This is one of those ideas that is so simple and elegant, you slap yourself on the forehead and say “Of Course!” You add tweets to your Buffer whenever you want. It then spreads them out during the day, so it doesn’t overwhelm your followers. (I know, I’ve been guilty of this!) You set the times you want to tweet.

The Chrome extension makes it drop-dead easy. The interface is simple and beautiful. You can even use your Bit.ly account with a custom URL shortener. (Like I do)

Smart Phone, Smart Business

I CAN’T IMAGINE doing any business these days without my smartphone—it truly is an essential work tool. That’s why I take a variety of steps to make sure I get the most out of it–and that it keeps working. Here’s a list of issues.

Preserving battery life. A phone’s screen is one of the biggest power culprits,
so dim the screen brightness to at least half or even a third. If you notice the battery is waning and you can’t recharge it, look for a power-saving mode or similar option. You can also temporarily turn off wireless features you’re not currently using, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, near-field communication and GPS. Limit the “push” notifications of email and apps in the Setting area.